Tull's Life Count

Tull's Life Count is a simple utility to track hit points or life points during a game. For some, this can be the 20 life points from Magic the Gathering. For others, tracking character hit points during a role playing session. For still others, tracking character hit points during a True Dungeon adventure.

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 Art by Eric Lindgren

Main Screen


Point adjustment is accomplished by swiping up and down on the numbers.  The maximum number is 99, and the minimum is 0.

For those with an Apple Watch, Tull's Life Count will allow the user to update their status on either the watch or the iPhone, with updates automatically moving between both devices almost instantly.  Point adjustment on the watch is done using the crown/stem of the watch.  Dice rolling is only available on the iPhone.

 Watch view


Main life counter screen 

Dice Rolling


When used for role playing games, Tull's Life Count provides an easy dice rolling feature.  Scroll up and down to select the type of die to roll (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, or d20), then select the quantity of dice to roll and add in any modifier.  For example the picture at the right shows 5d4 + 5 - a nice 9th level magic missile!  After making your adjustments, tap on Roll It!! to get the result shown down below.

The random generator for each die has been verified to be random and evenly distributed between all possibilities. For a 20 sided die, all 20 numbers will occur with equal probability.

 Dice Rolling Screen