Token Validator

Token Validator is a utility program that scans the RFID tag embedded in certain collectible True Dungeon tokens and checks what it scans against a database kept by True Adventures, LTD.  It requires internet access in order to perform this check.  

Download the Token Validator for FREE on iTunes or Google Play.


Opening Screen

Upon opening the application, you'll want to have the target token handy and select "Read Tag".   



The phone is already scanning, looking for a tag.  Hold the token behind the phone and slowly wave it around to get it to register.  It needs to be within half an inch or even touching the phone.  (on iPhones, the reader is near the top of the phone.  On Android phones, it could be anywhere.)

When it finds the tag, you'll hear a double beep.

If the phone doesn't detect a token with a chip, the scanning screen will eventually time out and you'll go back to the main screen.




This is the screen you'll see if the token validation is successful, including an image of the token it found. 

If your phone  is unable to connect with the True Dungeon database, you'll get a message that says "Unable to connect to server.  Token validity is unknown." 

If the chip is invalid for any reason, you'll get a message that says "Token information recorded on the tag is incorrect."