Here are some screen shots from the iPhone version of the TD Character Generator. 

The user starts with a screen listing any characters they have already built.  The one you want to view/modify is selected with the "I" next to it.  To create a new character, select the plus sign in the upper right.  Select the minus sign in the upper left to delete characters. Main Screen 
Once the character is chosen, the user is presented with a screen showing all the slots populated with the user's saved selections.  Scroll down to see all the available slots, which will include slots that are only available in certain circumstances (i.e. a second back slot, only possible if the user has the Charm of Brooching equipped in the neck slot).  Token Listing
To change a selected token, click the "I" and a scrolling window comes up with a list of all the tokens that are valid for the current character type.  Note that the color of the text reflects the rarity of the token.  The selections may be further limited by other tokens selected - for instance, if the Medallion of Heroism is fitted in the neck slot, it doesn't allow the user to wear rings, so the list of available rings will simply show "none".  Below the chosen item is a summary of what it does or how it works.  Token Picker
At any point, from the "Token Build" screen you can select "Calculate" to see a summary of the character's statistics.  These stats factor in all the tokens selected thus far, including base stats, armor class vs. both melee and missile, and attack and damage for both melee and missile weapons.  At the bottom is a listing that is helpful for the TD coach, showing treasure drawing modifiers that they will want to verify, plus other stats that normally go on the party card.  Summary Screen