Here are some screen shots of the application as it appears on an iPad. 

Since there is more space on the screen, more details can be shown simultaneously.

This is the screen that appears when the app is first launched.  In this instance, there is only one saved character.  The detail on the right does not refer to that character, since nothing has been selected yet.  To make changes to "binia", click the "I" next to the character name.   Starting Screen
Now that the character has been selected, the slots with the tokens that were previously selected show up on the left.  On the right side at the top the character's class and level are shown.  The head slot is currently selected, and the user is able to scroll through the list of items that are available to that character class.  If an item limits (or expands) what a player can use in a different slot, the application accounts for that.  For instance, if a player is wearing the Medallion of Heroism (grants level 5 but forbids the wearing of rings) in the neck slot, the ring slots will show up, but the only option for them is "none".  Stats shown on the right side of the screen will automatically update as tokens are chosen.   Character detail
This screen demonstrates the selection of a melee weapon.  Note that average damage is show in the description of the weapon, and that the color of the text corresponds to the rarity of the token.  Also, note the boxes below the stats area, which are used by coaches to help them fill out the party card.  Certain tokens must be shown to the coaches, such as the Horn of Plenty, and since this character has one equipped in the neck slot (see above) a notation is made.   Weapon selection