Character Generator for First Edition D&D

The Character Generator allows you to create 1st Edition (Advanced DnD) characters and print out the player sheet, including the back sheet. It also allows the creation of custom magic items for use in your campaign. You can level up your characters, and equip them with standard gear from the Player's Handbook or the Dungeon Masters Guide. 

Level Up View

This is the Level-Up view. You may set the total experience for the character, and the levels will automatically be assigned. The Hit Point total will be calculated from randomly selected dice rolls. You may set the switch to force 1st level to be the maximum allowed Hit Points. Alternately, you can just enter the Hit Point total, however once you set the Hit Point total, it will no longer adjust with level. You will need to modify it manually from then on. 




Character Sheet

This is the character sheet. For smaller devices, only a portion of the screen will be viewable initially, but you can grow or shrink it as needed or simply move it around, to see any part of the sheet. At the top is a button allowing printing of the character sheet on any Air Print capable printer. Also at the top is a button for the Back Sheet, which lists all the equipment. Likewise, it may also be printed.