Binia's Token Sashes

Here's an example sash modeled by one of my happy customers.  Multiple pocket styles are available - this photo shows front pockets that are fully sealed by Velcro.  Any combination of pocket types is $40 with any of the fabrics shown below. 

Pocket Options

I can make pockets that open at the top (on the left, which have a small potential for a token to fall out), or ones that are fully sealed (either with velcro or a zipper).   With the open top pockets, you'd end up with 18 slots on the front of the sash, plus a hidden pocket with a velcro closure to store your weapons or some consumables.  With either the velcro or zipper, you end up with 24 spaces for tokens, but no place to put your weapon or any consumables (I keep them in a pants pocket).  Sometimes I do open pockets on the front, and closed pockets on the back, but more often people want closed pockets on both the front and the back.  The difference between velcro and zipper is that with the velcro it's time consuming to load and switch out tokens, but they do not slide around.  With a zipper, it's very easy to change out builds, but the tokens tend to slide from side to side. 




Fabric Options

These are some of the fabrics that I have available as of August 2016.  I'm always acquiring more options, and am happy to look for particular colors or designs. 

Minimum requirements for fabrics are that it must not be stretchy (like t-shirt fabric, for instance) and it has to be at least moderately substantial - no mesh or flimsy silky stuff.


Customization Available!

I have an embroidery machine that allows me to add customized names and patterns for an additional fee.  Some fantastic patterns can be found on the Urban Threads web site.  I've also done some sashes with higher end materials such as leather, and added fur trims and additional pockets.  Happy to hear your ideas and provide a customized quote!


Ready to Order?

Use the link on the left to send me an email with the following information:

  • Fabric choice (from above, or an idea of another fabric you'd like)
  • Pocket style desired (open top or fully sealed)
  • Sealing method (Velcro or zipper)
  • Any customization desired

Since this is just a hobby, I don't ask for payment until I get the project ready to ship, and it can take up to a month to get it done.  Please be patient with me!