Here are some screen shots from the Android version of the TD Character Generator.


When first opened, you'll see a list of any characters that already exist.  The plus sign on the right lets you add a character.  The minus sign will delete a character, and the clone will duplicate a character (Greok-001 is a clone of Greok.  Once cloned, the name can be changed.)  Tokens are added and modified by hitting the edit button.

If you want to change the class of an existing character, you can do that using the plus sign (not edit).  Changing the character type may also change your list of allowed tokens though - for instance, clerics are not allowed to use bladed weapons, so if your original fighter character had a longsword, that token would become invalid for the new cleric character and would be removed. 

 Opening screen

 The first time you use the app, hit the plus sign on the previous screen which will take to you this.  Select the field labeled 'None', and replace those letters with your desired character name.  Then use the class selector to pick which character type you'll be playing.When you've made your selections, pick 'done'.

 Add Character
 To equip your character with tokens, select your character and choose 'edit' to take you to this screen.  The screen will then show a list of slots that can be equipped with tokens, along with whatever you have currently selected for the slots, or 'None' if nothing is selected yet.  To change what token you use, select the desired slot.  Select tokens

 A list of valid tokens for the selected spot comes up, based on your character class.  In some cases, it can be a VERY long list, so you can limit the selection with the radio buttons across the top.  For instance, if you select 'Rare', you'll see all Rares, Ultra-rares and Special tokens available for that slot with that character (we figured you'd always be open to looking at BETTER tokens, too!).  The tokens are color coded for rarity (black=common, green=uncommon, red=rare, purple=ultra-rare and orange=special).  Once you've made your selection, pick 'done'. 

Note: some tokens depend on other tokens being in place before they become available.  For instance, the Maul of the Titans can only be wielded by characters with a 24 strength, so to get it to show up, you would need to equip other strength enhancing tokens first, such as Gauntlets of Ogre Power, Girdle of Hill Giant Strength, etc. 


 Change tokens

 At any time you can use the Stats button from the main character screen to see the current statistics for your character.  Page 1 has the ability scores, armor class, attack and damage modifiers, saving throws and total hit points.  The number to the right of the character name is the character level (either 4th or 5th, as of 2015). 

An additional page of stats can be viewed by hitting the 'page 2' button.

 Statistics Page 1

 This page contains any resistances the character has to certain damage types, if they can be surprised, have an Amulet of Wonder equipped, and if they have certain tokens that enhance their treasure draws at the end of the dungeon. 

CoA = Charm of Avarice
HoP = Horn of Plenty
RoR = Ring of Riches
CoGF = Charm of Good Fortune
AoTF = Amulet of Treasure Finding
LoF = Lenses of Fortune

The treasure draw mod at the bottom of this page indicates the number of treasure draws you would get from the additional treasure drawing tokens, in addition to any treasure stamps gained during the dungeon.

The two statistics screens together make up what needs to be shown to the True Dungeon coach at the beginning of your run.  Your coach will also need to verify that you actually have the tokens listed.

 Statisitics Page 2