Welcome to the online home of the True Dungeon Character Generator, available on iOS and Android devices.  If you have any feedback, bug reports, or questions, please submit them here. 

The Android True Dungeon Character Generator is now available on Google Play.  The initial release incorporates virtually all the features of the iOS versions.  Any revisions that affect iOS (bug fixes, token usage changes) are applied to both the iOS version and the Android version.

Version 2.3
1. Lense of Fortune, Amulet of Treasure Finding, Tooth of Cavadar, Ioun Stone Garnet Sphere, Ioun Stone Garnet Cube added.
2. Girdle of Wealful Health fixed
3. Multiple Runestone Fitting Bases fixed
4. Treasure Coin totals added to summary section 

Tokens are treasure!

Rev. 2.2 of the iOS Character Generator incorporated the following changes:

1. Updated with 2015 token list
2. Added email feature to allow users to email character builds
3. Added clone feature to allow users to duplication character builds and customize each one
4. Corrected Character Add for iPhone where the name is covered by the on-screen keyboard
5. Corrected a problem when the email option is set and no email has been set on the device

Rev. 1.3 of both the iPhone and iPad Character Generators incorporated the following fixes/changes:

1. Sharpshooter feature fixed
2. Delete character feature fixed
3. Edit character name on the first character fixed
4. Moved Weapons (melee and ranged) up to between hands and back slots
5. Corrected double add for strength on monk weapons
6. +2 keen longbow added sharpshooter effect
7. Bracers of the Ash in the weapon slot disables the wrist slot similar to Bracers of Quivering Palm (anything already in the wrist slot no longer counts toward stats) 

Rev. 1.2 incorporated the following changes:

1. Change color for ultra-rare tokens to stronger purple hue
2. Correct handling of Archer's Buckler
3. Incorporate bonus for the Defender's Set
4. Drop references to 'hinder', which are climate specific, and instead use free-action or no free-action as descriptors
5. Dwarf fighter, 5th level base dex corrected to 13
6. Incorporate Figurines
7. Allow the user to filter the token list by rarity
8. Correct spelling errors on the calculation screen
9. Correct a problem if a shield is chosen and then a 2 handed weapon
10. Added designator for 1 and 2 handed weapons
11. Corrected filter order to improve search performance
12. Corrected a problem after adding a new character, the name on the first was changed
13. Ranger can now equip Rod parts or the full Rod